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Commonly Asked Questions

What is a GPS cat tracking collar and how does it work?

Our collar works on existing GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellites, this product can locate and monitor any remote targets by SMS or internet. The most advanced technology of GPS and GSM dual positioning.

This collar will communicate with your cellphone to let you know where your cat is located.

Historical track playback is able to find the route map for nearly six months by choosing the beginning and ending time.

GEO-fence will send a message when the device is out of the set range.

Do cats get lost easily?

Twenty percent of missing cats, simply come home in missing cat cases. However, "waiting" is not exactly the most reliable thing to do. Cats are curious animals. It is true that cats do come home on their own after an unexplained absence. Looking through years of case records of hundreds of missing cats, most problems can simply be solved by preventing them before they even go missing - such as getting a cat GPS collar.

Cats can be easily become displaced and can lead them to be put into a flight or freeze situation where they can continuously run and hide into unknown territory.

Will cats return home?

Many cats will return home after going missing for a couple of days, but onward who knows what could happen? Putting out cat food and also putting out your cat’s used kitty litter can help guide her nose toward home. A GPS tracking collar will give you a place to look if your cat goes missing, which can get her home more quickly.
What are the shipping times?

Click here to see more details on our shipping information.

Important Features to Consider?

Before you buy a tracking collar consider this below!

Size and weight. Your cat is precious to you, tile trackers may be unreliable at times as they may be fragile. Some collars are appropriate for both types of pets, but it’s important to read the descriptions carefully to be sure that they are okay for a cat. For instance, this tracker weighs 35g.


GPS vs bluetooth. Some collars use only GPS, some use only bluetooth, and others use both. Still others will use other types of communication technology. Depending on whether you have access to wifi in any given area, you might choose GPS or a cellular tracker over bluetooth. This collar uses GPS - requires a sim, and is not included.

Collar vs clip-on attachment. Some cats are used to a certain type of collar and do better with their own familiar collar and a clip-on attachment. Other cats don’t mind a full collar. Think about which type of tracker you’d rather have.

Measurements for Sizing of Collar?
With purchase of a cat tracking device, comes with a complimentary cat collar. The length of the collar ranges from 48.5 cm to 32 cm. 

take into account of these sizing details, as we only have one size, and will not be able to do returns for sizing issues, thank you for considering this.
Why is a Micro Sim required?
This allows for the most accurate tracking, just as you would have with your phone GPS.

Please confirm whether your area supports 4G or not.

Our APP platform requires no monthly fees with purchase of the collar, you will only be responsible for the SIM. :)

Although most of the United States is covered in 4g, we will not be responsible if your area does not have this connection, so please check beforehand. Thank you.